IO: bit expansion board is a powerful micro:bit expansion board, which leads to 19 PIN pins of the Micro:bit Board. 

Each PIN pin has VCC and GND corresponding to it. You can freely switch VCC to 3.3V or jumper cap. 5V; with 3 independent 3V3 and 5V pins, the wiring is more flexible and diverse; 

I2C SDA and SCL pins and the corresponding 5V and GND pins are provided for module 
connections such as LCD1602 LCD display for I2C communication more possibilities; 

With on-board passive buzzer, connected via jumper cap; 
Power supply method includes DC head and USB socket power supply.

‚ÄčPCB board thickness: 1.6mm
Small round hole diameter: 3.0mm
Large round hole diameter: 4.6mm (compatible with Lego holes)
Product Size: 57mm / 39mm / 15mm
USB input voltage: 5V
DC head input voltage: 6-12V

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Expansion Board for BBC Micro:bit GPIO Expansion Python IO:bit 5V with On Board Passive Buzzer

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