AS32-TTL-100 is a 100 mW industrial-grade wireless data transmission module with high stability working on 433MHz frequency.
The module uses SX1278 main chip, LoRa spread spectrum transmission, TTL level output, compatible with 3.3V and 5V IO port voltage.
LORA spread sptrum makes the module have a longer communication distance.
AS32 operating frequency is 410MHz to 441MHz with a total of 32 channels.

Model Number: AS32-TTL-100
Chipset: SX1278
Operating Frequency:  410 to 441MHz, 1MHz step by step, factory default: 433.0MHz
Supply Voltage: 2.5V-5.5VDC,
Data rates: Max.19.2Kbps
Power: 20dBm(100mW)
Interface: UART (TTL)
Application: Industrial IoT
Dimensions: 23 X 43mm (not including antenna or SMA junction)
Pin Connections:
1. MD0 - MD0 / MD1 4 x Mode control
2. MD1 - MD0 / MD1 4 x Mode control
3. RXD - TTL UART input
4. TXD - TTL UART outputs,
5. AUX - Indicate the working status of the module,
6. VCC - Power input, power supply 2.5-5.5V ((Note: if it is less than 4.5V the output power will effect)
7. GND - Power Ground

Download Link: Datasheet

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LoRa SX1278 433 MHz Wireless Transceiver AS32-TTL100 UART Long Range rf Transmitter Receiver + Antenna

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