Capturing live text stream from GLONAS GPS Unit:

The Global navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is the backbone behind Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
GPS one of the five GNSS constellations used around the world.
They are : GPS (US), QZSS(Japan), BEIDOU(China), GALILEO(EU) and GLONASS (Russia).
This G18U8TTL unit based on GLONASS constellations consists of 24 satellites, operates at 1.602GHZ frequency and accuracy around 5-10m. 

This unit is quite sensitive and can operate even within the house.

Connect GLONAS GPS unit to USB Serial adapter and connect USB adapter to the PC.

Pin connection:
GLONAS GPS        USB Serial Adapter

+5V Pin        ------>  +5V Pin
GND Pin      ------>   GND Pin
TX Pin          ------->  RX Pin
RX Pin         -------->  TX Pin

Open Hyper terminal program (ex: Tera Terminal) on a PC and select the USB serial port and set the Baud rate to 9600.
It will capture the text stream from GLONASS unit.
It will send the text stream every second repeatedly.
The PPS LED (Green) will flash every second once the unit locked to the GPS Signal

Ex: Captured NMEA text stream:

$GNRMC,015856.00,A,3654.36973,S,17449.57528,E,0.180,,130720,,,A7C $GNVTG,,T,,M,0.180,N,0.334,K,A30
$GNGGA,015856.00,3654.36973,S,17449.57528,E,1,06,2.03,80.7,M,28.0,M,,6C $GNGSA,A,3,04,16,03,26,,,,,,,,,4.36,2.03,3.8615
$GNGSA,A,3,75,65,,,,,,,,,,,4.36,2.03,3.8610 $GPGSV,2,1,06,03,40,323,26,04,65,217,34,16,78,057,30,22,24,343,1477
$GPGSV,2,2,06,26,47,130,16,27,21,040,7F $GLGSV,3,1,10,65,71,240,25,66,10,210,,71,07,024,,72,55,012,2360
$GLGSV,3,2,10,73,05,133,,74,39,149,,75,63,254,33,76,20,296,1962 $GLGSV,3,3,10,83,03,152,,84,04,100,63

Examine the last line of the txt stream: 
($GNGLL, Latitude, Logitude, time and fix status)


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