HDSP-2003 5x7 Alphanumeric Four Character Display (Green) 0.15":

Hewlett Packard's HDSP-2003 is an intermediate device, an evolutionary step between purely 'dumb' character displays like the Monsanto MAN-2A and full-featured smart displays like the DL-1414.
All control schemes for large strings of 5x7 LED matrix arrays rely on heavy use of shift registers to store the bit patterns being displayed on the device; the 2003 takes the step of moving those shift registers into the display itself.
There is no internal character driver or latch on this display, the controlling system must laboriously shift bitmap data into the display, 28 bits at a time.
Like columns across each digit are tied together and row data from each column is shifted to adjacent digits instead of adjacent columns, all this results in an exceptionally tedious display to control.
Like most high end HP displays, the 20XX series was manufactured in a range of LED colors.

4-Digit 5x7 Dot matrix LED (Green)
Cascadable through D-Out / D-In
Supply Voltage: 5V

Pin out:
1 - Column 1            7 -  Data Out
2 - Column 2            8 -  Vb
3 - Column 3            9 -   Vcc
4 - Column 4            10 - Clock
5 - Column 5            11 - GND
6 - INT Connect        12 - Data In

Download:  Datasheet

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HDSP-2003 5x7 Alphanumeric Four Character Display (Green) 0.15"

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